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Netbeans 6.1RC bug

I finally came around to finding a strange bug (I almost thought it wasn’t possible :)).  And it’s not just a bug in the 6.1 release but was actually carried over from 6.0.1.  It’s not really a big deal just a strangeness and I haven’t yet figured out what causes it.

When I open one of the panels that I designed with the GUI builder, the file immediately becomes marked as “edited”.  When I close it, it actually asks me if I want to save the changes or discard them.  And whatever I do, it always happens again the next time I open it.  If I just save and close, subversion won’t see any changes made in the file, so I beleave some value is updated when loading the form but not saved when saving/closing the file.  So no changes are actually written to disk but it’s still registered as a change that triggers the mechanism determining that the file got changed.

I guess I have to go back in my subversion history to see what exactly I did to come upon this bug so I can report it to be fixed, as so far I have no clue.

Other than that I didn’t notice any problems with the new release, and am eager to await it’s release to be able to use it professionally (my boss doesn’t like me using beta stuff).


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