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Netbeans 6.1beta and dev-src

First I downloaded the Netbeans 6.1beta.  I love many of the changes!  First of all, the new shared library functionality is superb.  I can’t live without this feature, since I develop under both Windows and Linux and it was annoying having to exclude to nbproject setting from subversion.  Now that you can configure relative paths to your modules and even attach JavaDOC’s to them is really the most important change for me.

Another thing I really appreciate is the support for different Ruby installations (which are automatically detected btw).  What would be interesting is a feature to install / update gems (at least the platform independant) to all ruby installations automatically.  When for example I install the snmp in the built-in ruby, I could also install this gem in all the other installations automatically if a checkbox to do so is checked.

I am only getting started with Ruby, so I love the fact that Netbeans has support for it.  I really appreciated the Article about Ruby in the Dec. 2007 Netbeans magazine, which gave a quick introduction to the most important Ruby features in the 6.0 release.  You can download the magazine for free (or just the article about Ruby).

Earlier this week I started building Netbeans for the first time, and was once again positively amazed.  First of all, the compile worked “out of the box”.  After starting this build for the first time, I seen that I have access to a lot of new modules now.  There are quite a few new mods that got me excited, and I will post a new update with a review of them as soon as possible.

I also started experimenting with the new JDK 1.6.0_10 beta, which is supposed to speed up graphics by using directx.  I haven’t really had the impression that something really changed though.  I tried the new Nimbus Look&Feel with Netbeans but found that my Projects were not having any names (neither project name nor package or class names were showing, so I stopped that experiment very soon after.  I wonder if it’s a bug in the JDK, Netbeans or a problem with my Computer.  At the first glance, I didn’t really like the Look&Feel so I am not sure how much time I will put into this.  Next on my list is trying to run Java with the JDK 1.7.0 to see what’s gonna happen.

For now, let me just say that I am excited about Netbeans’ future.  It’s really a great piece of Software
and they have come a long way since the 5.5 release, which I only tested 2 days and then went back to Eclipse.  Now I even removed Eclipse from my Computers and don’t think I’ll ever get back to it.  That’s all for now.  Have a nice day 🙂


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