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I finally came around to finding a strange bug (I almost thought it wasn’t possible :)).  And it’s not just a bug in the 6.1 release but was actually carried over from 6.0.1.  It’s not really a big deal just a strangeness and I haven’t yet figured out what causes it.

When I open one of the panels that I designed with the GUI builder, the file immediately becomes marked as “edited”.  When I close it, it actually asks me if I want to save the changes or discard them.  And whatever I do, it always happens again the next time I open it.  If I just save and close, subversion won’t see any changes made in the file, so I beleave some value is updated when loading the form but not saved when saving/closing the file.  So no changes are actually written to disk but it’s still registered as a change that triggers the mechanism determining that the file got changed.

I guess I have to go back in my subversion history to see what exactly I did to come upon this bug so I can report it to be fixed, as so far I have no clue.

Other than that I didn’t notice any problems with the new release, and am eager to await it’s release to be able to use it professionally (my boss doesn’t like me using beta stuff).


I installed RC1 today, though there is not really anything I haven’t seen already. I really hope that a stable release will follow soon. I really prefer having just one Version installed and use to updater rather than building a new version regularly and having to manually update my installation. I will still continue to play with the source releases though, just not as often as I did in the last few days.

I did add the two update links from the dev version to my Netbeans6.1RC1 to have access to the latest development modules, especially the new tasklist and editing stuff. Here are the links to add to the update center:

Additional Development Plugins

Latest Development Build

I hope this won’t break anything in the final release… but I’d rather not miss the new features that aren’t yet available in the update center 🙂


First I downloaded the Netbeans 6.1beta.  I love many of the changes!  First of all, the new shared library functionality is superb.  I can’t live without this feature, since I develop under both Windows and Linux and it was annoying having to exclude to nbproject setting from subversion.  Now that you can configure relative paths to your modules and even attach JavaDOC’s to them is really the most important change for me.

Another thing I really appreciate is the support for different Ruby installations (which are automatically detected btw).  What would be interesting is a feature to install / update gems (at least the platform independant) to all ruby installations automatically.  When for example I install the snmp in the built-in ruby, I could also install this gem in all the other installations automatically if a checkbox to do so is checked.

I am only getting started with Ruby, so I love the fact that Netbeans has support for it.  I really appreciated the Article about Ruby in the Dec. 2007 Netbeans magazine, which gave a quick introduction to the most important Ruby features in the 6.0 release.  You can download the magazine for free (or just the article about Ruby).

Earlier this week I started building Netbeans for the first time, and was once again positively amazed.  First of all, the compile worked “out of the box”.  After starting this build for the first time, I seen that I have access to a lot of new modules now.  There are quite a few new mods that got me excited, and I will post a new update with a review of them as soon as possible.

I also started experimenting with the new JDK 1.6.0_10 beta, which is supposed to speed up graphics by using directx.  I haven’t really had the impression that something really changed though.  I tried the new Nimbus Look&Feel with Netbeans but found that my Projects were not having any names (neither project name nor package or class names were showing, so I stopped that experiment very soon after.  I wonder if it’s a bug in the JDK, Netbeans or a problem with my Computer.  At the first glance, I didn’t really like the Look&Feel so I am not sure how much time I will put into this.  Next on my list is trying to run Java with the JDK 1.7.0 to see what’s gonna happen.

For now, let me just say that I am excited about Netbeans’ future.  It’s really a great piece of Software
and they have come a long way since the 5.5 release, which I only tested 2 days and then went back to Eclipse.  Now I even removed Eclipse from my Computers and don’t think I’ll ever get back to it.  That’s all for now.  Have a nice day 🙂


I installed Netbeans 6.1 beta today to give it a try. I might even consider sending this in for the $500 contest 🙂

I found some annoying problems in Netbeans 6.0.1 and I am really hoping to see them resolved in the new Version. Or at least, if the still persist in the beta, maybe this post is going to help resolve them. We’ll see I guess.

I will open a new post for each problem, to not get the list here to long and to have it more organized. The first bug is coming right up…

P.S. Unless otherwise specified, I am running Netbeans under Windows XP sp2 with JDK 1.6.0_05.  I also have a gentoo linux box with JDK 1.6.0_03.


I started this blog to keep and share my programming projects. Professionally I am programming in Java6 and am learning Ruby. I am hoping to combine Java and Ruby for my commercial project so I can use both languages.

Personally, I am using either mostly C#.net, but I am also interested in doing some stuff in Ruby. Ironruby looks quite promising… I will check it out when I can and then post an update here on the blog.

Right now I am mostly looking into some ideas to start a new Project. Since I am playing EQ2, it will probably be something that somehow has to do with the game. We’ll see I guess…